Mega 6 liter Saline Breast Expansion!

Apr 18, 2013

Lexxxi is looking sexy massively hugely breasted in this video!!!

Well there's some history on this particular video here:

Sexy Lexxxi Luxe, BBW performer underwent a saline injection in her breasts last year after having some curiosity towards it and its expansion abilities.  For months this video was really really slow to get to production after she recieved payments for many pre orders and complaints of lack or progress on shipping. Well months passed by of impatient (and rightfully so) people complaining. and orders eventually went out to many people's disappointment. The video was poorly shot, produced and shipped. However the content of the video is still fantastic in it's own right as it shows Lexxxi BIGGER than ever! Well serching through some forums I discovered this video being leaked online by a disgruntled customer who paid good money for good content and waited too long for the opposite results.  Lexxxi then joined on the forum conversation acknowledging that things didn't turn out as well as she wanted to and she felt bad about it and she was ok with the leaking of the video and offered all those who bought her saline DVD to get her next yet to be released saline enlargement video for free to make things right. 

My personal opinion? This video could have been shot better sure but, this is still a FANTASTIC video with tied up saline infused tits. and is one of my  favourite saline/breast expansion clip of all time! Lexxxi is a class act gal who seems to genuinely care about her fans and mistakes to make things right. And ALWAYS comes out with great content. 

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